A New Way of Preventing Dryer Fires

The way that LintGard works, is that as your dryer duct begins to get clogged, the pressure levels in the duct increase. LintGard measures the back pressure caused by lint build up in your dryer duct. And as the pressure increases, the gauge display on the unit moves up the scale (displayed on the unit in "inches of water column"). Once you see the display move into the yellow or red zone, it's time to clean your dryer vent.

LintGard is about the size of a typical thermostat and can be easily installed on the wall near the dryer. It requires no electric or battery power and plays a vital role in reducing the risk of dryer fires.

You can purchase a LintGard online through Amazon.com for about $30:   Gardus LintGard Dryer Safety Monitor

This innovative product can give you peace of mind, and protects your home from a common cause of house fires.

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